Selling a property

Selling a Property in the Northern Territory


Selling a property


Building — selling in Palmerston, NT
Marsh Conveyancing Services specialise in property sales and have the expertise to handle all facets of the sales process including legal documentation liasing with all parties involved in the sales process. If a contract defaults, the leading Northern Territory conveyancers will ensure you receive remuneration to compensate for the costs involved.

When selling your property there are a number of crucial issues to consider such as, if you have a pool does the fencing pass state guidelines? Are all of your home improvements legal? Also have you had photo electric smoke detectors installed in your home? If you can answer yes to all of these questions then you are ready to sell your home.

Licensed to sell property/land


While a private sale between a buyer and seller are an option for selling your property, it is rare that this opportunity arises, which is why most property and land sales involve a real estate agent or an agent's representative. It is imperative that you check to see whether the real estate agent or agents representative selling your property is fully licensed or registered in the Northern Territory. When selecting an agent it is also a smart choice to find out whether they are members of the Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory (REINT), as institute members follow a strict Code of Conduct. By contracting the services of a licensed agent you are also protected if any issues arise.

Selecting a real estate agent


When choosing a real estate agent it is worth doing the research to find out the agents who have a good reputation in the industry and with their clients. Other factors to consider include what agents have good local knowledge of the area where you are selling, the properties they have recently sold and how much do they charge in fees. The agent you eventually select should be someone that is reliable, efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Selling your property


An agent must initially draft a sales agency agreement, which must be signed by the client, before they can legally proceed with selling your property. If you are uncertain about some of the terms and conditions within your sales agency agreement, it is worth seeking further legal advice from a conveyancer before you sign. A conveyancer can negotiate for changes to be made to the terms and conditions, in conjunction with negotiating the fee you will be charged, the commission the agent will make and what services the real estate will provide.

Services an agent provides


  • An estimate on the selling price of your property
  • Marketing and advertising for your property
  • Liasing with buyers for inspections (private and open)
  • Arrange an auction
  • Open communication on prospective buyers and discussion of offers
  • Acceptance of contract of sale or offer of purchase

Finalising of agreement with agent


If both parties agree or there is no fixed term on the sales agency agreement, you can change agents if you are unhappy with their representation. Make sure you finalise the agreement legally with your agent before selecting someone new or you could be charged commission from both parties.

Further information when selling a property can be found on our resources page.